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    Can you believe that I have already finished my August Island Batik Ambassador challenge?  I can't!  This month for our challenge we were provided with a ruler by Deb's Tucker Studio 180 Designs - I chose the Corner Beam ruler, and I have to say that I definitley haveto give it a 10, two thumbs up, and five stars!  But let me tell you more about the challenge.


    The rules for this challenge were very simple - just to make a project of any size using at least 16 units and use the ruler to make it!  I was super excited to see that my ruler made units as small as 1 inch finished - yes, that means I get to make a fun mini quilt!  Woohoo!

    Since the units are small, the William's Garden precut strips were a perfect choice for my project.  This is from the Spring 2024 Island Batik line - the precuts are available in shops now, but the yardage won't be arriving in shops until September/October.  I really like getting my hands on the precuts early, it's like getting a preview of what's coming up!  This was designed by Kathy Engle for Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Design Studio.

    I started out by unwrapping the ruler and checking out the directions. Then I went to the Studio 180 designs website and watched the video - it looked very simple and easy to make the corner beam units, so I cut a 2 1/2 inch square from each of the 20 strips and got to work!
    Arent' they beautiful?  Each of the units measures 1 1/2 inches finished.  Look at those precise tips!  And they were so easy to cut, piece and trim.  
    Before I knew it, I had all 20 little corner beam units sewn up.  I divided them into 5 stars.  Each unit is so precise that they sew together very nicely!  I was impressed at how well everything matched up.  And I love the pretty blues, greens and purples in this line!  

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    I love how that light green just sparkles!  Now it was time to quilt it.  I used a size 10 小草阅读app下载,小草阅读app免费手机版 V1.0.4 - 迷你下载站:1 天前 · 小草阅读app是一款多种阅读模式的线上小说观看应用平台,这里覆盖的小说内容十分丰富,每天都是不一样的看书体验,喜欢看小说的朋友值得入手。分类齐全,题材类型超级多,想看就看,全网所有精彩优质 …, and 80 wt thread from Aurifil that had been provided in an earlier Island Batik Ambassador box.  It's really great for quilting miniatures.  I used some of the Heirloom silk batting from Hobbs because it's so nice and light - perfect for mini quilts!

    I chose to just add some straight echoing lines to give this some nice texture.  I used green thread in the stars and border, and off white in the background.  I think it came out really well!  I am getting a lot more confident in my ruler work!  On a little quilt like this, it's nice and easy to maneuver, too!

    This mini quilt measures 11 inches square and I'm delighted with it.  I still have a lot of that strip pack left...I'm pretty sure that there will be more playing with the Corner Beam ruler and William's Garden this month.  I definitely want to explore more designs with this unit - there are so many possibilities!

    Keep an eye out for more mini quilt fun on my facebook page.  And you'll want to watch the rest of the Ambassadors blogs this month for more great projects using Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Designs rulers!  

    Thanks to all of the wonderful companies for giving me these items to make this project with!






    I hope you had fun with last month's Dresden Plate blocks!  If you haven't finished them yet, keep working on them - I purposely did not put this one at the end because sometimes it takes a little longer if you are hand appliqueing them.  This month we will be doing a Foundation Paper Piecing technique.  This is a great way to gain accuracy in your piecing, and many people find that they really enjoy doing it!

    This is the block we'll be working on - it's a bit of a variation on a Duck and Ducklings block.  First of all you'll need to download the pattern for the block and print up the foundation pattern.  You will need 16 squares and there are two on a sheet. Make sure your printer is set for full size or your blocks will be the wrong size! If you don't want to print that many pages, you can print a page, then layer that on top of 3 more sheets of paper, stapling at the corners.  Take the thread out of your machine and with a size 12 or 14 needle and a normal stitch length, stitch along all the lines on the pattern.  That way you can make multiple copies with the one print, plus they will be easier to tear off at the end!

    Start by using a pin to secure a 4 ½ inch triangle of your medium fabric over section 1 of your paper template with the fabric facing right side up on the backside of your paper.  Make sure you have at least ¼ of an inch over all the lines.  Place a 4 ½ inch background piece on top of this – right side down, lining up the long edge with the long edge of the medium fabric.   You can pin these through the paper, but make sure the pin is out of the way of your stitching line (flat headed pins are perfect for this).  Turn the paper over so that the printed side is on top and the fabric on the bottom.  Make sure not to allow the fabric to fold over or move out of place, and stitch across the diagonal line on the small triangle.  Start and end your stitching ¼ inch beyond the printed line so that your seam will not pull out later.


    Trim your thread ends, fold the paper back on the stitched line and trim your seam to ¼ inch.  (Add a Quarter rulers are great for this!)  Fold out the background triangle and press.

    Working from the printed side of the paper foundation, use a piece of template plastic or card stock to fold the paper back at the next seam line.  Trim your fabric 1/4 inch from the seam, it will be a guideline to add the next background triangle

    See how the ruler helps you to cut a nice accurate seam allowance?  There is also a 1/8 inch ruler that I use for miniature blocks.

    Repeat the process to add the third background triangle.  
    Trim off that last edge and add the large triangle.
    Press, and trim all edges 1/4 inch from the printed line.
    Now you can remove the foundation paper from the back.  I like to do this in reverse order of sewing.
    Don't worry if your first block seems to take a long time, you will get faster with practice!  

    Make four of these units, then add four rectangles of your main fabric and the center square of your background fabric to complete a block!  (It should finish at 12 1/2 inches)  Keep sewing the remaining paper foundation squares and make a total of four of these blocks.

    Download Lesson 7 Instructions here!

    Next month we'll be making blocks that you can either piece with templates, use foundation piecing, or specialty rulers.  It's always nice to have options, you know!  They will also be the final four blocks we will need to complete the quilt.  The process will be speeding along and you will have a finished top by the end of the year!

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    Happy Stitching!


    小草阅读app下载,小草阅读app免费手机版 V1.0.4 - 迷你下载站:1 天前 · 小草阅读app是一款多种阅读模式的线上小说观看应用平台,这里覆盖的小说内容十分丰富,每天都是不一样的看书体验,喜欢看小说的朋友值得入手。分类齐全,题材类型超级多,想看就看,全网所有精彩优质 …

    Here is the August Block for Patterns by Jen's 2024 Color Challenge!  I am really loving doing my blocks with the black background.  I'm using Island Batik scraps, and solid black.  They are just so much fun.  Hop over to Jen's blog - linked above - to get the pattern and see how she made it.

    This block was super easy and fun to make and I think this would be a really interesting block to use in a quilt.  I just love strip piecing, so this was right up my alley.

    Here it is sideways....still fun!   Pink is a favorite of mine - I love the floral look of this one.  It really does make me think of a flamingo, it just has a tropical feel to me.

    Want to see more versions of this block?  Check out the rest of the featured bloggers for this month:

    Mona of 小草破解版app
    Joanne of Quilts by Joanne
    Carolyn of Sweet Boater Chick
    Anja of Anja Quilts
    Kathy of 小草破解版app
    Kathleen of Kathleen McMusing

    Make a block and link up with Jen and you can win a prize each quarter!  Here is the complete list of quarterly sponsors:

    Sponsors July thru September

    Quilters Chic - PDF Pattern
    For The Love of Geese - PDF Pattern
    Carole Lyle Shaw - Pattern and Grunge bundle
    Quilters Dream Batting - 小草破解版app
    The Fat Quarter Shop - Fabric Bundle

    小草破解版app - Warm 80/20 - 55" x 60"
    Warm Company - 小草破解版app
    Make Modern Magazine - 6 month subscription
    Patterns By Jen - Superior Thread S-Fine 50
    小草破解版app - Magic Wand

    I'm also hosting a quilt along this year - Stepping Stones Sampler.  If you would like to join us, sign up for my newsletter:  Stepping Stones Sampler


    Christmas In July with AccuQuilt and Island Batik

    小草阅读破解版下载_永久免费VIP无广告安卓版手机软件下载 ...:17 小时前 · 小草阅读破解版 娱乐趣味 | 13.68MB 优质精品小说随心看 安卓版下载 语言:中文 更新:2021-06-18 11:35:01 版本:1.0.4 ... 小草阅读APP介绍 这是一个包含了海量资源的线上小说平台,在这里可众观看的小说非常的多,是一个新创辟的小说平台,在这里 ...

    The items in this post were provided for me to use through the Island Batik Ambassador program.

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    • Ultraportable - allows quilters to take the GO! Me with them anywhere

    • New quilter gains confidence in their art form faster

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    • Same cutting performance as the GO! - Fast, Accurate, Easy and Safe

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    • A great gift for any quilter


    Not to mention, that it is so totally stinking cute!  Plus there are tons of dies that you can use with this, from piecing to applique.  You can visit the AccuQuilt site to see more of what they have.  Plus the Go! Me is on sale right now...I don't know for how long, but it's a good price for the starter kit!

    On to the challenge!

    I was having a hard time deciding on who I would gift this to, so I decided to get started with the quilt while I was thinking.  There are a few nice patterns in the book that's included with the GO! Me starter kit, and there was a baby quilt that used this pinwheel block, so I decided to make a few of them and see where that led me.  I was so delighted to discover that the Island Batik Stashbuilder rolls are the perfect size for these dies!
    I cut quarter square triangles from these and used Sprinkles from the foundations for the background.  I decided to offset the colums because I liked the movement this added to the design.  I added a half pinwheel to square my little quilt off and it was finished in no time.  I just love using the Accuquilt for triangles because there are no dog ears to have to trim off!  It really makes the sewing go quickly.

    And in hardly any time I had this cute 24 x 27 inch quilt.  I had two of the gold strips from my rolls, so I used those for the binding.   I quilted it in a spiral pattern using Aurifil thread in a pale gray 50 wt.  Goes with everything!  The batting is a piece of the Hobbs Heirloom cotton with scrim - which has a lovely softness and drape for small quilts.  Of course I used a Schmetz needle for the piecing and quilting!  I like the size 10 chrome Professional for piecing and the size 12 for quilting.

    By the time I finished the quilt I decided that I would like to surprise my friend Lora with this fun Christmas in July surprise!  I have known Lora for quite a while now, she took some of my classes several years ago when she was a very beginner and is now also working at Threads That Bind!  I arranged to meet her yesterday afternoon, and presented her with the quilt and the cutter.  She was so surprised!

    Lora and I both want to say a big Thank You to AccuQuilt for their generosity in sponsoring this challenge!  As well as to Island Batik!  I also gave Lora the leftover fabric and a few Stashbuilder rolls to play with.  It was fun to think of getting another quilter addicted to the fun and ease of using the Go! cutter - I know she is going to love it as much as I do.  

    Make sure you visit the rest of the 小草破解版app and see their Christmas in July posts!  We have all had such fun being able to gift these wonderful little Go! Me cutting systems, and it was really a great moment for me to get to share this with my friend, Lora.  It was a very fun Christmas in July, indeed!


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    I've been having fun taking pictures of diffeent quilts with this hydrangea bush the last week - it's so lovely!  And the perfect match to this quilt for sure!
    This fabric is Sausalito Cottage by LakeHouse and it features Hydrangeas, a touch of Paris and lots of pretty purple and green.  I also used some Fairy Frosts and tone on tone fabric that coordinated.  I totally love it!  
    Can you see the shimmer of the white fairy frost?  It's so pretty!  I love the way the center blocks combine.  I decided to quilt this in an allover swirl hook design using a medium tone purple Aurifil thread.  
    I used the green hydrangea print for the binding and it was just perfect!  The backing is an off white with little purple sprigs by Figo fabric.  It's always so hard to pick just the right backing!

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    I've really enjoyed participating in the One Monthly Goal this year, it's sure helped me get my UFO projects completed.  This is my seventh finish for the year!

    Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal - July Finish Link-up


    Custom Sewing machine cover

    A friend asked me to make her a custom sewing machine cover.  This was modeled after a cover that a mutual friend of ours had made previously.  It's basically just a flat piece with ties that covers the machine, so very easy to make.  

    All you need is the dimesions from top to bottom  and side to side for your machine, and the depth.  Her machine was 14 1/2 tall, 15 1/2 wide and 8 inches deep.  so I made a pieced strip 37 inches long and a 17 inches wide since I thought it would be good to have it a little wider than the machine.  

    She sent me some half square triangles to start me off and asked for aqua with green binding.  I've been procrastinating getting started and finally finished it off this weekend.  It came out pretty cute!  Each side is a little different.
    I seem to be lacking motivation lately, I guess many of are in the same frame of mind lately.  To combat that I though I would list a few things I want to accomplish this week and see if that helps!

    1.  Quilt my UFO for the month (Queen's Garden)
    2.  Finish my Island Batik challenge for July.
    3.  Quilt my 6 inch June Mini Madness top.
    Now, if I'm going to get these things done, I suppose I'd be better off hanging out in my sewing room that here on the computer!



    Oh happy day - I get to show you my new shipment of supplies from Island Batik!  There are two surprise packages, so you don't get to see those until later, but there is still plenty of great stuff to show you right now!
    Precuts always make me happy!  Did you know that Island Batik ships out their pre-cuts before the yardage is available?  I love this because I can see all the fabric in the lines and pick out some favorites to buy when you are available.  You can look for these in stores starting around September.  I can't wait to work with this package!

    I'm so excited about this Glacier View fat quarter bundle!  I already have plans for this - I feel some more mini madness coming on...

    Stashbuilder rolls in puple and gold!  These 5 inch strips are going to be wonderful together in a quilt.
    Black, White and Gray solids, plus a neutral - Egg White.  Just in time - I used the last of my neutrals and have been waiting for more!
    Supplies for a Duffle bag from By Annie!  I am super excited fabout this project, I just love making bags.
    A Go! Me cutting system for my July challenge.  Stay tuned for more about that one...
    Surprise package number 1 - including six spools of Aurifil thread - look at those yummy colors!  Can't wait to see this fabric line, it's got to be gorgeous.
    Surprise package number 2 - more terrific colors!  So fun and cheerful, these will be another good challenge!
    I got this ruler from Studio 180 designs!  I am for sure excited to make something using this - this will be for the August Challenge, so I'm checking out the possibilities and decided what fabric to use.  

    Hobbs Batting!  I'm excited to try the fusible strips - those are brand new!  Silk batting is one of my favorites, and the black batting is wonderful as well.  Plus fusible batting, that will be interesting to try out.   

    Here's the video I made of opening up my boxes if you'd like to watch.  Thanks again to Island Batik, and all their great partners for a fun and inspiring bounty of supplies!  I am looking forward to the next 6 months of creating!

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